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Development and application of TFT HMI display serial port solution part three

Development and application of TFT HMI display serial port solution part three

May 09, 2024

 The early version of the serial port screen before 2010 simply downloaded the interface through a host computer software, and then sent commands to display various interfaces that need to be displayed to achieve the required display effect. The touch aspect only supports uploading. coordinate.


In the version developed in 2014, the serial port has formed an industrial chain. The serial port screen has very powerful functions. For example, some serial port screens have configuration functions. Various functions are no longer simple rough operations using pictures. Interface operations is getting closer to the display of some mobile phones.


Nowadays, various versions of serial screens have appeared, such as wireless communication version, M-type medical grade special version, HDMI touch screen and other powerful functions.


Serial screens are widely used in industrial automation, electric power, telecommunications, environmental protection, medical care, finance, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, energy, geology, metallurgy, public inquiry and monitoring, smart home appliances, transportation rails, data computer rooms, charging piles, electric power medical, Dozens of industries and fields such as national defense security and shared equipment.

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