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TFT LCD display with network function part one

TFT LCD display with network function part one

Apr 03, 2024

Due to continued technological development and the impact of the epidemic, the Internet of Things has been widely used in industry, medical, education, consumer and other industries in recent years, greatly changing people's daily work and life.

Features of smart TFT display

Advantages of smart TFT display modules with network functions in IoT applications:

Simple and easy-to-use interface development environment: Configuration development tools greatly simplify project development and shorten the cycle from product development to market.

Low requirements for the main chip: The smart TFT display comes with its own microcontroller, which independently handles interface display, touch response and network communication, reducing the requirements for the host chip.

Stable and secure network: Built-in Ethernet controller, smart TFT display provides industry-standard stable and secure data transmission channel.

Flexible networking methods: Various networking methods such as wired/wireless Ethernet, RS-232 or CAN are optional, providing a convenient, flexible and future-oriented platform.

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