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The difference between TFT LCD, OLED and Micro LED part one

The difference between TFT LCD, OLED and Micro LED part one

Jun 07, 2024

LCD is a very mature display technology, OLED is currently used in many mobile phones and TVs, and Micro LED is a new generation of display technology that will provide better visual effects.


Liquid Crystal Display, that is, liquid crystal display. The LED display refers to a type of liquid crystal display (LCD), that is, a liquid crystal display with LED (light emitting diode) as the backlight source. Here is an explanation of the working principle of TFT LCD.


Low cost and long life: LCD display technology is relatively mature. Compared with OLED, LCD is less difficult and less expensive to make and has a longer life.

No flicker: The LCD backlight is an independent white LED backlight panel, so the screen can basically flicker-free;

High pixel density: With the same resolution, LCD display is clearer than OLED display.


High power consumption: Since LCD requires additional backlight, LCD products are thicker and consume higher power than OLED;

Low contrast: LCD cannot turn off the backlight when displaying black. Instead, it blocks light through liquid crystal molecules, so it appears off-white.

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