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The difference between TFT LCD, OLED and Micro LED part three

The difference between TFT LCD, OLED and Micro LED part three

Jun 13, 2024


Micro LED

Micro LED (also known as μLed) refers to chips with a size less than 100μm. Like ordinary LEDs, they are also self-luminous. LED chips of three luminous colors, RGB, are used to form pixels that can be used for display.


Compared with LCD dot matrix and OLED, Micro LED display has fast response speed, high brightness, large viewing angle, good color effect and long life.

It has the characteristics of self-illumination without backlight, small size, thin and light, and can also achieve energy saving effect.

[Difficulties in production technology]

Mass transfer technology: How to make LEDs miniaturized requires wafer-level technology.

Chip technology: For Micro LED that retains the substrate, the biggest challenge is cutting. As chip sizes get smaller, chip yields also decrease.

Driving IC technology: When Micro LED is in use, its power driving current is very low compared to small pitch. At low current, the low gray scale state of traditional IC is not good, which will cause Micro LED to have different brightness at the same current. Larger or even partially unlit conditions.

Inspection and maintenance: Because Micro LED is too small, its electrode size is often smaller than the size of the probe tip, so it cannot be inspected using conventional point measurement technology.


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